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Opened in August of 2011, Malibu Hardware and Supply is the accomplishment of

fourth-generation hardware store owner Dave Anawalt, whose family has owned the

Anawalt Lumber stores since 1923. Dave Anawalt moved to Point Dume in the 1950s,

after his father, an avid surfer bought a property overlooking his favorite surf break.

"[Malibu Hardware] has the best items of all of our departments," states Anawalt.

There are 3500 square feet of indoor floor space and all major departments are represented from paint to a full service garden center, power and hand tools, lighting, plumbing, automotive, tools, and anything else one would expect when going to an Anawalt Hardware store. The surfboards that hang from the rafters all belonged to Dave's father. 

Malibu borders the ocean and contains large portions of undeveloped land so being ecologically mindful was a huge concern when stocking the store. Environmentally friendly alternatives were included whenever available, down to low phosphate lawn food. There are no poisonious rodenticides in the store and we offer organic solutions for all your gardening needs. Even the store was physically built around California Sycamores on the property, whose trunks ramble through the center of two rooms.

The reasoning behind the opening wasn’t just basic expansion, Malibu residents have been aching for a hardware store ever since the Malibu Lumberyard closed several years ago. We are proud to be your neighborhood home improvement store with everything you need and something you can’t live without.


Photo taken of the Pico and Sepulveda location in 1934


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